Author Ski Chilton, PhD

Researcher, Professor, Entrepreneur, Inventor

Dr. Chilton is passionate about providing solutions to overcome physical and emotional suffering so that people can live better, more joyful lives. He is a successful innovator in a wide range of areas including an academic professor (with over 170 scientific publications), an entrepreneur (starting four companies and one non-for-profit organization), and an inventor (holding over 15 patents). Dr. Chilton has been at the forefront of personalized nutrition and wellness, earning widespread recognition in both academia and industry for his trailblazing contributions.

Dr. Chilton’s dedication to improving lives extends beyond his professional achievements. He has authored five popular books that focus on nutrition, diet, physical health, and mental well-being. These books include titles such as Inflammation Nation (Simon and Schuster), Win the War Within (Rodale), The Gene Smart Diet (Rodale), and Made to Crave Action Plan (Zondervan). His 2016 work, The Rewired Brain (Baker), delved into the profound impact of the unconscious mind, its potential to affect our lives negatively, and how thought patterns can induce genetic (epigenetic) changes that reshape brain circuitry. This insight empowers individuals to rewire their minds and, consequently, transform their lives.

The Latest Book from Dr. Ski Chilton

There is Another Way to Happiness | Book Cover

There is Another Way to Happiness

In the depths of life’s darkest storms, can we truly find lasting happiness?

Take a look into the life of Dr. Ski Chilton, a distinguished scientist who most would say, “had it all” yet he struggled with a profound sense of unhappiness. Despite a soaring career, marked by groundbreaking achievements, Dr. Chilton’s life was shadowed by the wreckage of relationship hardships, several cancer diagnosis and his unwavering ego projecting his severe childhood traumas.  Amidst the depths of despair, he unearthed a life-altering secret – a transformative 4-step journey to happiness.

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Praise for “There is Another Way to Happiness”

As a physician, integrative oncologist, and New Age enthusiast, I have read hundreds of books in this genre. Yet, none have delivered a more pragmatic and accessible approach to living mindfully and joyfully. In his revolutionary book, Dr Chilton seamlessly distills concepts from groundbreaking thinkers such as Eckart Tolle, Carl Jung, and Jon Kabat Zinn in a narrative that is delightfully eloquent and profoundly inspiring. There is Another Way to Happiness is truly a beacon of hope and light, guiding readers toward a brighter, more conscious way of being. This will now be the first book that I recommend to my patients and anyone else on a quest for peace and happiness.

Krisstina Gowin, DO, Associate Professor of Medicine, Founder/Director of the Integrative Medicine in Hematology Oncology Fellowship at the University of Arizona, and author of Living Well with A Myeloproliferative Neoplasm

Bestselling author Dr. Ski Chilton had a harrowing accident and faced death. This ordeal propelled him on a profound journey of self-discovery, during which he uncovered the true essence of human consciousness, leading to a remarkable healing of both body and mind. His inspiring narrative stands as a testament to the incredible capacity to transform pain into purpose. There is another BETTER way to happiness, one that lies within our own inner journey, and is profoundly illustrated within the pages of There is Another Way to Happiness.

Anthony Atala, MD, Professor and Director at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, with over 800 scientific publications, and a distinguished member of both the Institute of Medicine, the National Academies of Sciences and the National Academy of Inventors.

Dr. Ski Chilton, a humane biochemist with notable accomplishments of scientific excellence and a previous author of informative books about human disease and health, now personalizes a quest for mindfulness and happiness—while applauding the wisdom of his diminutive grandmother. As hinted by the book’s title, ingesting its content enlightens an ancient route toward happiness that never disappeared. This happiness route emerges for the reader from the ‘sounds of silence’ that whispers to Ski during treks with his dog into the canyons of Arizona. The name of the route is daily meditation.  There are no toll booths.

—Charles (Cash) McCall, MD; Professor of Internal Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine with over 250 scientific publications, former Director of the Wake Forest Institute of Translational Sciences.

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