Author Ski Chilton, PH.D

Dr. Chilton is passionate about providing solutions to overcome physical and emotional suffering so that people can live better, more joyful lives. He is a successful innovator in a wide range of areas including an academic professor (with over 170 scientific publications), an entrepreneur (starting four companies and one non-for-profit organization), and an inventor (holding over 15 patents). Dr. Chilton has been at the forefront of personalized nutrition and wellness, earning widespread recognition in both academia and industry for his trailblazing contributions.

Dr. Chilton’s dedication to improving lives extends beyond his professional achievements. He has authored five popular books that focus on nutrition, diet, physical health, and mental well-being. These books include titles such as Inflammation Nation (Simon and Schuster), Win the War Within (Rodale), The Gene Smart Diet (Rodale), and Made to Crave Action Plan (Zondervan). His 2016 work, The Rewired Brain (Baker), delved into the profound impact of the unconscious mind, its potential to affect our lives negatively, and how thought patterns can induce genetic (epigenetic) changes that reshape brain circuitry. This insight empowers individuals to rewire their minds and, consequently, transform their lives.

Dr. Chilton’s philanthropic efforts in Africa span over two decades. He is the founder and president of the not-for-profit organization Heroes Helping Heroes. Additionally, he served on the Board of Directors for 12 years, including six years as Chairman, of the Persecution Project Foundation. Heroes Helping Heroes is committed to providing mentoring, health, and wellness solutions to orphans and foster children in both the United States and Africa. The Persecution Project Foundation focuses on offering crisis relief, education, and hope to victims of civil war, genocide, and religious persecution in Sudan. Recently, he joined the World Shoe Fund as an executive director. This organization is dedicated to providing shoes as a foundation for spiritual and physical well-being, thereby inspiring hope in children.

Dr. Chilton has won numerous awards for this work, including the Alumni Award for Academic and Professional Achievement from Western Carolina University, and the Established Investigator Award from Wake Forest School of Medicine. More recently, the University of Arizona honored him with both the Outstanding Research Impact Award and the Inventor of the Year Award. He was also recently inducted into the prestigious National Academy of Inventors.